Migrate Windows Server from AWS EC2 to Azure

I need to migrate several Windows VMs from AWS EC2 to Windows Azure.

The general practice AWS provide is using EC2 Exporting service to export VHD for EC2 instance.


After I set up many environment variables,S3 bucket and permission for VM export account, I am able to run export command on EC2 CLI. But it is disappointing that the error message “Only imported instances can be exported.” showed.

Then I head to another solution to make VHD inside the Windows server by using a tool Disk2vhd.


It is pretty easy to export VHD by the tool.

With VHD ready, now I could use Azure Powershell to upload VHD file (Add-AzureVHD command will convert VHD to fix type automatically), create OS disk from VHD and create VM instance from the disk.

So far I suspect that it is most fast way to move VM from EC2 to Azure if you could log in the Windows Server.


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